At Rapid Recovery Hyperbarics we’ve treated hundreds of children of all ages with amazing results!  We work closely with your physician to ensure your child has a pleasant treatment experience.

We will send you a personalized packet of information detailing your requests. This allows you and your treating physician the opportunity to review the published studies.

A personalized Orientation session will be scheduled for both you and your child. A Certified Hyperbaric Technician, Registered Nurse, or Respiratory Therapist, will carefully accompany both you and your child during this initial treatment.

All patients and caretakers will be required to strictly adhere to our rules of safety,
which will be detailed in this section.

During the orientation session, you will be carefully guided in ear equalization, compression,
decompression, and safety within the chamber.

We will carefully and skillfully address the needs for the child with:

  1. Trachea ventilation
  2. G-tube feedings and or J-tube feedings
  3. Twins and triplets
  4. All Special needs for children

We want to help your child fully enjoy his or her Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy!

  1. We desire that your pediatrician, therapist and/or specialty healthcare provider be involved with every aspect of your child’s therapy.
  2. Our mission for the future is that every hospital will treat for expanded indications when the health of a child indicates hypoxia, autism, or a disorder that may improve with restored blood flow.
  3. We work alongside your treating physician for improvement and possible recovery for your child.
  4. We advise that you have your treating physician examine your child before coming for therapy.
  5. Please advise your treating physician and Physical Therapist that your child is undergoing Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

You will be asked to send a comprehensive letter about your child, fully detailing his or her level of disability. Please include a full description of their likes and dislikes. We also request a recent photo of your child.
We want to familiarize ourselves with your child as much as possible before you arrive.

  1. What makes them happy?
  2. Sad?
  3. Angry?
  4. Hurt?
  5. Fearful?
  6. Laugh?
  7. Calm?
  8. Excited?
  9. Is your child non-verbal?
  10. What is your child’s nap and meal schedule?
  11. What is their favorite toy?
  12. What is your child’s favorite movie?
  13. What do you hope to accomplish with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?
  14. What other therapies has your child had?
  15. What on-going therapies is your child having?
  16. What vitamins and minerals is your child taking?
  17. Why do you think caused your child’s health condition?
  18. Allergies?
  19. History of Sinus, ear infections, or Seizures?

It is our desire that your child look forward to each treatment! We have listed some helpful hints to prepare you and your child for this exciting new form of therapy.
In our long history of treating children, infants, and adults there has been little need for PE Tubes. There are rarely any problems in this regard, except an occasional cold, sinus infection, or allergy that would delay treatment.
Our Certified Hyperbaric Technicians carefully and very slowly compress and decompress all of our patients. This is the advantage of our private and personalized care and thousands of hours of chamber experience, plus a 100% safety record.

We will provide you with your “Oxygen Treatment Hood.”

  1. Practice with your child, teaching your child how and when to equalize or clear his or her ears daily.
  2. Show them how to swallow and drink from a bottle or sports bottle
  3. Some children use a pacifier
  4. Some children yawn or swallow.
  5. Some children are able to “pinch their nose and swallow”
  6. Ask them, “Do you feel that feeling in your ears?”
  7. Take your child to the mountains; ask him to take a drink while driving up or down the mountain. Ask them, “Did you feel the funny feeling in your ears?” Now take a drink and swallow or yawn.
  8. Make this an enjoyable event.

Addressing the Special Needs of Children:
We will need to be supplied with the manufacturer’s product insert for all patients or caretakers with implanted devices. We can contact the Manufacturer of the implanted device; however, you must notify us in advance to the specific device.

  1. We are fully equipped to address the needs of most patients.
  2. You and your child will be instructed on these in every detail of HBOT.
  3. Please call the office for suggestions concerning your child’s specific needs.
  4. Special needs transportation is available.
  5. Wheelchairs for car to chamber transport are available.
  6. Multiple Van assessable parking spaces
  7. Nutritional Counseling

If your child has no problem with airplane flights, clearing or equalizing their ears, there shouldn’t be any problem regarding clearing their ears. All Patients are different, so please check with your treating physician.
A parent or caretaker always accompanies their child inside the chamber. Kids can choose their favorite movie to watch while they have their treatment for the day. 

We trust this information has helped you become more informed on Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. Below are some FAQ on hyperbaric oxygen therapy and children.

 If you have any further questions,
Please call or write us at anytime or call our office at 909.477.4545.

Please take a moment to view our testimonials


Many of our kids even pretend their oxygen treatment hood is like Buzz Lightyear’s space helmet!
Please read our Disclaimer and Informed Consent

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  “What is the youngest child or infant that you have treated?”
A:  “We have treated children as young as 8 weeks old without any problems.

Q:  “Do you treat children who have a trachea tubes?”

A: Yes, many times, these types of patients do very well. We are fully equipped to attend to these types of needs.

Q:  “How will my non-verbal child, who is unable to swallow, be able to equalize their ears?”


  1. Detailing your child’s unique personality and history is the first step.
  2. Personalized orientation of both the parents and children.
  3. Private unhurried sessions in our large roomy chambers
  4. Specialized forms of movement of the jaws using our proven methods of application.
  5. Attended Orientation sessions with CHT.
  6. Careful compression and decompression with CHT’s who have 1000’s of hours of operation with Special needs patients.
  7. 15 Years of safety within the hyperbaric field.

Q: “Why is a Oxygen Treatment Hood preferred?”
A:  This is a personal choice for our center. We feel that using the hood is safer and more effective for all patients.

  1. We use this application for oxygen delivery because it reduces the fire threat.
  2. Is the safest method for Patients who may have a history of Seizures?
  3. Allows for a more efficient oxygen use.
  4. Chambers are equipped with fire suppression units.
  5. Chambers are larger and more comfortable as opposed to confined oxygen filled chambers.

Q:  “Do children adapt well to the chamber?”
A:   Yes! As Dr James said, “Once the children realize that they Feel better under pressure with oxygen the actually look forward to therapy!” Our large roomy chambers allow the safety and comfort for parents and caretakers to accompany the children within the chamber. Autistic spectrums also love the chamber and quickly adapt.

Q: “Can my child watch their favorite movie in the chamber?”

A:  Yes, we have collected well over 2500 videos for viewing. You may read a book, rest, or listen to CD’s. We consider this a very special time for both you and your child.

Q:  “Why do you state private sessions? Why is this so important?”

A:  We desire that sessions be private and comfortable for every patient. With our large, individual, chambers, duration of treatment does not rely upon other patients and or time restraints as in multi-patient, multi-place chambers. In addition, this type of treatment does not allow other exposure to conditions or patients who may have an oncoming cold. We feel that a private atmosphere is a perfect solution for the needs, health, and well being of all the patients. We can formulate a time frame that suits the needs of children who need to eat or rest at certain times of the day, and address the needs of parents who work. We are happy to schedule evening and weekend appointments. (Prior arrangements must be made)

Q:  “We have twins, would we be able to have private sessions with both of our children together?”

A:  Our Specially designed chambers have the ability to treat two at once and there is ample room for parents or caretaker.

Q:  “Why does the center not allow visiting within the chamber room?”

A:  Mainly for safety reasons. This allows us to completely focus on the patient’s needs.

Q:  “Why would my child need a SPECT Scan?”

A:  We give the parent the choice and do not require that you have a S.P.E.C.T. Brain scan

  1. Some parents do not want the chemicals involved.
  2. Some parents do not desire further tests.
  3. Some parents feel that the cost would be better applied toward treatment.
  4. S.P.E.C.T. Scans give a complete picture or baseline of the brain. Prior to HBOT and post HBOT the recovery or improvements are easily seen in SPECT scan imaging.
  5. Some feel it is a way to justify Insurance reimbursement.
  6. We give the parents and patients the choice.

Q:  “How do we track my child’s response to therapy?”

  1. We ask that we be able to video your child and take photos. Pre and post-Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.
  2. S.P.E.C.T. Scans
  3. Close follow up.
  4. Daily diaries by parents.
  5. Careful charting of progress by CHT’s
  6. Post therapy progress reports by treating physicians and therapist.
  7. Patient and parent feedback and follow-ups.
  8. Careful and close monitoring of all Patients.

Q: ”Why do some improvements only happen after the therapy has ended?”
A:  Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Neurological or brain disorders can re-vasculate and fire up idling neurons. With that in mind, it is hoped that the brain will normalize function. HBOT is a building block by which the brain can learn. Sometimes it is only after the treatment is ended, up to weeks later that the full effect of Hyperbaric Oxygen is seen. Building collateral circulation, with the creation of new capillaries within the brain, reducing inflammation, and restoring circulation takes time. Actual connective tissue is growing. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy combined with physical therapy accomplishes the best goals. The break from HBOT is usually where the most improvements are seen, as in the skin graft, or wound healing. Results from HBOT can take days or weeks to be fully seen. In the case of a child, we hope to renew or restore blood supply to the brain and nerves thus allowing the child to be able to apply this to special education, and physical therapy.
HBOT is rarely given the credit for these improvements. However, if you check the testimonials within the website, numerous parents, teachers and Physicians have given testimonial of increased and dramatic improvements seen later, enabling the child to live a more productive life, sometimes resulting in a dramatic recovery.
Numerous times patients arrive who have had years of Physical Therapy, yet it is only when HBOT is added to the over-all treatment plan that the patient seems to advance in these areas of health and improvement. Hyperbaric Oxygen enhances your on-going therapies.
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is an advancement tool when combined with Physical, Occupational, Nutritional, Traditional, and Alternative therapies.

Q:  “Why are the first 40 treatments so very important?”

A:  Dr Paul Harch M.D. has stated, “40 treatments are a guideline by which to go by.” We know in the case of a diabetic foot or non-healing wound it takes at least 40 treatments for healing.” More than one session or group of treatments may be needed. In addition, boosters, maintenance, or on-going therapy is advisable if applicable to certain disorders.

Q:  Why is good nutrition and rest so very important?

A:  Your child may have a hunger increase or require more sleep, for the following reasons:

  1. We feel that nutrition is very important and increased appetite is a positive sign that the therapy is working hard to help heal the injury to the brain.
  2. HBOT can help metabolism normalize blood flow to the brain.
  3. Rest and added sleep is beneficial when brain repair is occurring.
  4. We will give you a list of vitamins, Protein, and Essential fatty acids.
  5. Vitamins, Minerals and EFA may help promote brain repair.
  6. Please bring your child’s prepared diet, if fed by G or J tube, with you to your personalized Hyperbaric Consultation.

Q:  How can I help my child to stay as healthy as possible before arriving?
A:  The following is an outline:

  1. If you have concerns about middle ear infections, Please consult your treating physician.
  2. When bathing or swimming, earplugs are advisable. Swimmers Ear can occur which can delay Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.
  3. Take your child to an Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist for middle ear concerns. (E.N.T. Medical Doctor.)
  4. Before arriving, use caution and wisdom before your HBOT treatment. Avoid crowded places, well-meaning relatives, or friends who may not realize that they are coming down with a cold or virus, which you or your child could contact.
  5. Wash your child’s Toys and hands frequently.
  6. We do not allow any contagious disorders at our center. We have these restrictions in order to protect the health of all our patients.
  7. A cold, virus, or allergy may delay your treatment.
  8. We may advise that you take your child to their treating Physician for decongestion therapies.
  9. The above stated outline is not medical advice, rather an idea or suggestion. Your treating physician can give you the best medical advice. Check with your treating Physician, Allergist, or E.N.T., or Medical Doctor.

Q:  “What is the general opinion about once or twice daily treatment?”
A:  Dr Harch, (International Medical Association President,) has given the following view; it is advisable to treat once daily if your child becomes tired. Five days a week is the protocol for children.
We feel that twice-daily can be accomplished when time is a restraint, however, we feel that once daily is more comfortable for all concerned.
Every case and child is different. Twice daily a few times a week with breaks of four hours in-between treatments is reasonable.

  1. Hyperbaric Oxygen cannot be hurried or rushed! Allow this therapy to fit in with your life and family.
  2. Think of Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy as 40 hours of treatment.
  3. If possible, continue with Physical Therapy.
  4. Give your child time off if they become tired.
  5. Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy is not a cure; rather it is an essential building block to enhance other therapies.
  6. “More is not better”, Dr. Harch M.D. IHMA

Q:  Why do the parents or caretakers have health questions when it is the child’s treatment?
A:  Safety is our goal; therefore, to insure the safest and most productive possible
There are times when it is necessary that the parents and or caretakers will need nasal decongestants for safe equalization under pressure. This method helps ensure that there would not be a delay in therapy. Caretakers and parents will have a brief Hyperbaric Consultation to address all of these questions.

Textbook of Hyperbaric Medicine, K.K. Jain
Fitness to Dive, D.A.N.





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