At Rapid Recovery Hyperbarics our mission is to provide safe, private, gentle, and productive Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for children and adults.

Prescription Required by Law for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Physicians Readily available by appointment only.

The advancement of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is our goal. We are committed to exploring and illustrating the uses of HBOT. We strive to make HBOT more widely-known and to vastly increase the average person’s access to this amazing, drug-free, non-invasive, alternative therapy.


Rapid Recovery Hyperbarics is dedicated to providing patients convenient access to the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy delivered in a nurturing environment. Beginning with the first phone call made to our office, patients are treated with the dignity and respect so often missing in medical care.
We are devoted to your privacy and safety. We want to assist in improving our clients’ quality of life by delivering the highest excellence of therapy available.

Experience shows that the public is involved with their health and treatment plan. The informed patient will intelligently investigate current evidence and a range of options, and require to be a part of the decision making process.
Rapid Recovery’s intention is to provide you with powerful information by which you can investigate the beneficial possibilities of using HBOT and therefore make the best decision for you and your loved ones.
We thank your treating physician for their referral and hope to compliment his or her expert care.

-Rapid Recovery Hyperbarics

We commit ourselves everyday to:

  • always delivering the highest quality care.
  • working closely with each patient's physician to achieve treatment goals.
  •  staffing our office with friendly, knowledgeable professionals with a passion for helping others.
  •  Remember that a condition affects many people, but everyone is unique.
  •  providing a safe, hygienic, comfortable  treatment environment.
  •  appreciating the value of each client's time and their special needs.





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Testimonial Highlights

Autism PDD
Ian - 3 Years Old

Every treatment seemed to have made some difference in his behavior...

Vegetative State

Matthew was in a vegetative state: Static Anoxic Encephalopathy, Ventilator Dependent with Infections, Since Receiving Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, He has been successfully weaned off the ventilator and no longer carriers this diagnosis.

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