At RRH we pride ourselves on our 19-year, 100% safety record!

At Rapid Recovery we are dedicated to your privacy and safety. We strive to provide our clients with the safest and most productive Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy available today.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is an alternative that is:

  1. drug-free
  2. non-invasive
  3. private
  4. customized at RRH according to each client’s individual needs

At Rapid Recovery we strictly enforce all safety codes and standards for practicing HBOT. 
We take time with each client to ensure peace of mind for everyone involved at each step along the way.
Our chambers are the safest on the market and equipped to exceed all safety standards in the field. We have a 100% safety record!

Clients and care takers are provided with all the materials and information needed to ensure therapy safety guidelines are met on a daily basis with each treatment.

Safety information and guidelines are explained in further detail in our free informational packet. Also every client’s initial pre-therapy consultation with Dr. Underwood and our CHT will include a health certification and complete safety review.

Thousands of clients have come from all over the world to the trusted safety and proven results we celebrate at Rapid Recovery Hyperbarics. Thank you for considering us for your treatment.

Please see our Staff and Education page for additional safety information.







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Testimonial Highlights

Autism PDD
Ian - 3 Years Old

Every treatment seemed to have made some difference in his behavior...

Vegetative State

Matthew was in a vegetative state: Static Anoxic Encephalopathy, Ventilator Dependent with Infections, Since Receiving Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, He has been successfully weaned off the ventilator and no longer carriers this diagnosis.

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